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Characters: Sarah Jane Shepard, Liara T'Soni
Timeline: After Reaper Destruction
Location: Citadel
As the Seconds Drift:  Honeymoon

This time, when Shepard and Liara arrived at the apartment door, it unlocked on the first try. They held hands as they walked inside, each with a sparkle in their eyes. Shepard led Liara into the bedroom, stopping before they reached the bed. She took a step back and looked Liara up and down. "Do you have any idea how sexy, how beautiful you look right now? That dress… your skin…"

Liara blushed and laughed as she spoke. "I thought you might like it. I've never worn this style of dress before…"

"That's a good thing because if you had, there would be a trail of heartbroken victims lying in your wake."

Liara closed the distance between them. "Flatterer…"

Shepard cupped Liara's face in her hands then kissed her lips, tasting their sweetness. "I want to take things slow this time, I want to remember every moment."

Shepard removed her uniform but left her lace bra and panties on. Liara slipped out of her shoes and was stopped by Shepard before she could go farther. "I want to…" was all Shepard said before she reached her arms around Liara's back and un-zipped her dress. When she pushed the dress off of Liara's shoulders it slid down to reveal her naked body.

"You little minx…" Shepard laughed as she helped Liara step out of the fabric pooled around her feet. She stood staring at Liara for a few moments, trying to memorize every curve of her shape. She inhaled deeply, her senses filled with Liara's scent. It reminded Shepard of the ocean – a mixture of saltwater, sand and sunshine. She ran a finger over Liara's arm. Her skin had a visible texture yet felt silky smooth to the touch. Shepard was beginning to lose her resolve to go slowly as the ache between her legs began to grow.

Liara reached her arms behind Shepard, un-hooked her bra and dropped it to the floor. She then proceeded to slowly pull Shepard's panties down, trailing kisses along the way as she went. Shepard let out a low, husky growl as her anticipation grew. Liara pulled Shepard's panties all the way off and remained kneeling on the floor. She ran her hands up the back of Shepard's legs and onto her butt. She gave a firm squeeze as she pulled Shepard to her. Liara began to plant gentle kisses along Shepard's hips and abdomen. She took full advantage as Shepard widened her stance, exposing herself. Liara's tongue began to dart in and out, causing Shepard to move with the rhythm. She held onto Liara's shoulders to keep her balance as her legs began to tremble.

Shepard tightened her muscles, lifting and lowering, pushing herself against Liara. Her breathing and moans increased with each stride.  Liara knew that Shepard was nearing a climax. She moved one of her hands so that her fingers could work alongside her tongue causing Shepard to cry out. "Oh, my sweet goddess…  now Liara, now!" Liara began the meld and everything around them seemed to disappear. Their senses, their thoughts and memories combined into one.  The joining of pleasures sent them soaring as a wave of pure ecstasy washed over them.

At some point Shepard slid down to the floor. She wrapped her arms around Liara, holding her tightly while kissing the top of her head. Liara helped their breathing stabilize before she broke the meld. Shepard used what strength she had left and pulled them both onto the bed. Liara curled up in her arms, pulled the sheet over them and drifted off to sleep. Shepard watched Liara for a few moments before her eyelids closed in peaceful slumber.

Shepard woke up in the middle of the night. She quietly made her way to the bathroom then grabbed the small crate Tali had given them on the way back to the room.

"You couldn't sleep?"

"Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to disturb you. I woke up a few minutes ago and remembered this."

"I don't think you getting up woke me. It was more like the chill from where your warm body once was."

Shepard found herself staring at Liara. All she could think was how beautiful Liara looked at that moment. The soft light in the room made her skin look an icy blue. Her tired eyes weren't fully open and her voice was so soft.


"Huh? Oh, I just… you're so…"

As Shepard grasped for words, Liara pulled the sheet back. "Like what you see Commander?" Liara always called her Commander when she was trying to be sultry and it always had the desired effect on Shepard.

Shepard nodded her head, lowering her voice. "Yes ma'am." She climbed back onto the bed with the crate still in her hands. She was about to put it on the floor when Liara stopped her.

"Let's open it first. Perhaps there is something useful in there."

The latch on the crate opened easily. Inside they found several gifts, each with a note attached. Shepard began pulling out the items and handing them to Liara. "Let's see… there is a copy of Fornax from Joker and EDI… A couple of protein bars from Garrus… some juice from Dr. Chakwas…"

Liara opened one of the protein bars and started to eat it while flipping through the Fornax magazine.  "There are just some things I don't want to see a Hanar do." She said before tossing the magazine aside.

"Ooh, what have we here? A copy of Vaenia from Tali and Traynor." Shepard raised her eyebrows at Liara who responded by shaking her head and laughing. "Last, but not least… oh, wow… two metal rings, courtesy of James and Cortez. I can't believe they made these!" Shepard gently grabbed Liara's left hand and placed one of the rings on her finger.

"Look inside the band, there's an inscription… Embrace Eternity…" They looked at each other and started laughing.  Liara took the ring she was holding, placed it on Shepard's finger, then kissed her.

Shepard pushed the crate to the floor and turned the video on. They leaned back into the bed and watched it for about twenty minutes when Shepard turned to Liara. "So T'Soni, you think we can pull off some of those moves? The first one reminded me of a yoga pose…"

"Well Commander, there's only one way to find out."

Shepard pounced on Liara, her mouth covering Liara's in a hungry fervor. She gently flipped Liara over so that she was face down on the bed. Liara slid one of the pillows under her body, held it with her arms and arched her back. She spread her legs apart before Shepard moved on top of her. Shepard placed her knees around Liara's thighs then reached her arms around and underneath Liara enveloping her. One hand wrapped around the pillow and Liara while the other moved onto Liara's azure.  Using her hips in conjunction with her hand, Shepard controlled the pace and rhythm of their movements.  Liara's soft moans and heavy panting steadily increased. Then in a breathy voice Liara exclaimed  "yes, oh yes!" and began the meld.

As they laid in a hazy afterglow, Shepard placed her fingers in her mouth and tasted Liara's sweetness. Since Shepard was still highly aroused, Liara climbed on top of her and forcefully pushed her hand in between Shepard's legs.  She brought her mouth down upon Shepard's breast, the combination quickly bringing Shepard to a climactic release. Shepard's spasms slowed and with their bodies entwined, they drifted off to sleep.
* Warning: This is a detailed account of FemShep and Liara's wedding night*

Disclaimer: Mass Effect and all characters are the sole property of BioWare. This story is my own.

Title inspiration: Moon Song by Virgin Soldiers ~ Cover Image here

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